I was looking forward to the curse of 69 thinking it would be a great thing (this curse that I feel was put upon me on the last Friday the 13 when I hit those odd numbers - see posting below).

I was about to be 69'd by Dean & Felix. Hurricane Dean & Felix that is. Boy, did we narrowly dodge those two hurricanes that came back to back. I was already thinking I was I was going to get it, without the benefit of lube.

Just back on my beloved Caye Caulker 3 days, a nice little drinking village with a fishing problem. I was freaking out. Dean was coming & I joined the rush for plywood & boarded up my clapboard hotel 30 yards from the beach.

Y2K (2000)Hurricane Keith sat over our island for what seemed like two days, and a category 4 (140 mph wind) hurricane that hit Caye Caulker by surprise!
Before going to bed, the hurricane had already past Belize on it's way to Mexcio only to do an about turn in the middle of the night & drop South towards our direction when we were sleeping & ill prepared.
I asked islandgirl who had faced the brunt of that if she was going to evacuate for this new hurricane, she snootily replied "if it aint a category 5, I ain't movin', you know how we laughed in the face of Keith".
I cannot afford to take that risk and headed for the hills. I sat up all nite watching the t.v. weather channel and was convinced I had lost my hotel business from the big red ball of fire that was decending upon Northern Belize and our cayes. While explaining what the different colors of the storm on the screen meant (i.e. wind-green, eye & permiter- red, outer bands of wind-white, red/yellow ball of fire ouside the eye) the t.v. announcer said that there was something really impressive about the colors of the storm from the satellite image. I looked at Kerub whom I had evacuated with and said "yeah, nice grey white edges, orange yellow pineapple and Ayyy Ay Aaaayyyyyyyyyy red" which basically means, if you got hit with the impressive red portion, you would be blown away from the fart of the hurricane.
Loseing the business would mean I have to go get a REAL JOB! How horrendous the thought, I quivered.

So I was in a continuous panic attack the last 2 weeks. I have boarded up and un-boarded 2 houses twice each in two different countries (Honduras & Belize!). LOT OF WORK!
I had just arrived in Belize when Dean headed our way and lucky for us, tipped up North and only did minor damage to my dock and spoilt my submerged water pump and tank, which I had to replace. Spent a couple of grand and lost about 2 weeks business between Dean & Felix, the bastards. Then I returned to Roatan only to go through the drill of boarding up, evacuating, hurricane parties, only to have Felix drop South and spare us. Halleluja! Regrets to Nicaragua.

All is good, the curse is gone and WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Caye Caulker is as good as ever. See you there.