Big Developers Resort, Roatan, Honduras.Today was an exciting day for G-Rod. Phase I of his development project is supposed to get it's first guests. Although they are behind schedule a few months, it actually means they are way ahead of the game (tardiness is norm on projects in the Caribbean) especially compared to other projects here in Roatan which are still some 5 years behind schedule.
At the very last minute, the crew buzzed around every rincon* like little worker bees wanting to please the Queen. They managed to hook up all the water & sewer pipes & turned them on for the first time.
To test run his sepitc system, G-Rod came up with the bright idea of inviting his friends to come down to the project for a chalupa party, and encouraged everyone to release their chalupa* pleeeeezzz!
HOORAY for this first big milestone G-Rod. Bet you thought you'd never smell the day.
Spanish lesson for the day
* RINCON- corner
*CHALUPA - human waste