On this rainy day, I finally dusted off some of my paints and brushes and decided to give it a go on the canvas again. I am an amateur painter. My friends Walter Castillo, Nelson Young and Marcos Manzanero have all painted at my beach house. I started painting because of them.
The results of today's efforts is this 2'x4' acrylic titled: "Independent Woman" which is what I am and how I feel right now.

For some reason, I can't get a steady hand to photograph it against the wall, it keeps coming up in a blur. You get the idea anyway.
So I started & finished it this afternoon. My talented artist friend Nelson Young told me that a painting takes a lot of time, you go back from time to time to fine tune it. Ye of little patience rarely go back for fear of ruining what I have already done. I should learn from the master though.