IDEA #31
Far Flung Heights, Roatan.
Septic Springs Flush & Swim Eco-Friendly Resort.
G-Rod, my best friend and self-confessed sewer guru (he is trying to save the environment cleaning up one septic at a time) says that he has proven with his last septic project at Coral Vista (comprising of re-circulating plant beds, hydro basins & a special areation system that actually removes all organics and the result is bacteria & nitrate free affluent which is clear & completely safe to the human touch, in other words, not harmful to humans or the environment.......yada....yada....yada.....) that a Flush & Swim Resort would appeal to the new millinieum tourist, the environmentally friendly folks.
He figures with the sloping hillside, a lot of mini pools with water processed from our spetics can re-circulate and keep everybody happy, wet & wild.
I'm not so sure about this one.