Tyler Castle at Far Flung Heights Progress Report. I have been feeling a little wet behind the ears from my perception of being "stuck again" in the Caribbean in the rainy & slow season at the same time. To "Go Slow" is one thing & I've gotten use to that, but to "Halt" under grey skies is another dilemma I haven't been able to come to grips with in 10 years back in Paradise. As much as I love the rain for my plants and my drink, I really need the sunshine all year round or I crumble when I'm stuck indoors due to days of non-stop yukky caribe weather.
Copying somewhat the following theme from Guyana-Gial, I know I'm sounding like I'm at a whine party with the rest of the whine makers & I'll only give you a selection of the finest whine right now.
All my sisters have moved or are moving to big beautiful countires in first world with 24/7 electricity, treated water& traffic-jam, and I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something staying in the tropics and if I should be migrating North again. Having been there, done that, it has not been on the top of my wish list.

GRAND MATRIARCH VISITS FAR FLUNG.....So with everyone going or gone, I invited my mother to visit, she who has courageously remained in sub-standard third world paradise with me, land of daily black-outs ( in Roatan anyway) in this new millinieum of man-on-the-moon, billionaires & internet. As Imagined before-hand, she would without hesitation come over from Belize for a visit to cheer me up & to see the progress on her new property which is adjoining mine here in Roatan. The lot below the hill on the other side of the stairway & closer to the car, is hers.
She, after tireing of my moping around the house where you could hear horses galloping across the thin tin roof from the heavy October rains in this rickety timber beach home we currently share, sneakily left me a "7 days of inspiration" cut-out from readers digest, taped to the refrigerator door. Day 3 of the 7 caught my attention and read simply: "Bring a dream to life. Believe in it!"

That was enough to guilt-trip me out of rainy weather syndrome.
Like a spring dew morning plant, freshly inspired, we decided to rent a little minnie car for a week then headed to the nursery to find some plants & work at the hill together. One main thing mi ma & me have in common is that we both love to garden.

I have over the past months, continued to move a lot of dirt and prepping the sloping hillside for building and stone g
ardens, added several terraces and the "Stairway to Heaven" which basically is a long step (about 60 steps) that leads to the top of the hill where there is no house, well nothing yet really, BUT the sky and this magnificent view of the ocean & valley below!

My mother just left yesterday back for Belize. At the airport, I heard her mutter "I'm glad to be going home". I asked her what got to her most, the rainy days or the daily black-outs. The daily black-outs somewhat she said, but she is from the era of candles, the real reason was mainly the rents were due on her rentals last week and if she doesn't get back on time, the cash is liable to be spent. Typical indeed and justified cause to make haste.

We had, nevertheless, in between squalls, plugged a lot of beautiful plants into the ground and done some much needed bonding. It rained.....and rained again today & I'm not feeling blue. Blessed sky juice, Im happy 'cause my new baby plants are going to flourish.
PHOTO UP UP ABOVE is my worker escavating the hillside which will be the basement of the castle or the fun area for recreation only. Think pool table, hot tub, cold dip pond, sauna and an outdoor bloody- mary bar for my friends to come hang out for Sunday brunch ....hmmmmm...if only I can pull it off.

PHOTO OF YOUNG LADY is my 75 year old ma, spritey and opinionated as ever. We were having our usual Sunday brunch at the famous Dolphin training center at Anthony's Key Resort.

When I went off the deep end on G-Rod the other day, I tried to humorously & with a grin, explain my inpatient attitude & bad behaviour as me being a little bi-polar, maybe?
G-Rod being quick witted and full of constant great ideas, told me he thought I was tri-polar & came up with :

Idea #99

TINA's TRI-POLAR HOSTEL - Hot Tub / Cold Dip Pond / Sauna . I'm adopting the tri- tingy for the castle recreation area.