My female friend Bad Wolf & I sat down at the sportsbar next door under uncle's house for trivia night. We were looking for some team members to play and found some colorful characters. We actually won first prize that nite.

BAD WOLF (to sportsbar owner wife): "Nobody the pay me any mind"
SPORTSWIFE: "not even bad-mind"

Which reminds me of something else that happened at Sportsbar Trivia nite Friday.

One of the American male employee who loves a good 'spirit' was sitting at a stool chugging while the game going on.
Announcer on microphone asking the tough questions like "what percentage of people opt to not receive the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?" Turns out 1%.
teams with strange strange name like "why isn't there a toilet seat in a hammock?" or "Hairy Monkey Balls"
In between all the thinking of answers when the room is kind of quiet,
a sudden loud noise "Ca-chunk, bam, clunk",
everybody looked up from their writing card to see what the rukuss was about.

Suddenly, the lee man sheepishly drag himself up from the floor,
fix his rumpled hair ;
picked up the bar stool;
sit down again and order a freshie.
The sportsbar owner shook his head in disgust and fired the drunk employee.

One of my new team-mates, an American man living on the island who I had just barely met and in that short period of a half hour or so told me that he had spent 8 years in a US penitentiary for pot smuggling and thinks I'm cute, likes the fact that I make my own money because all he's ever met here are gold-diggers, and would like to date me..........AS IF!!! (he lives on CC and is trying to pre-sell imaginary condos to add to his charm) observes this and says:

He: "You ever seen the sitcom South Park where the character Kenny get's killed in every episode and the following episode they poke fun at how he's been killed 59 times?"
Me: "Not really" (thinking he had a lot of time to see South Park in the Penn)
He: "Well stool crasher reminds me of South Park. He get's fired every night when he falls off the stool drunk & every morning when he doesn't remember, he show's up for work and he get's re-hired
Me; 'yeah, Caye Caulker is like a sitcom comedy'