Some tourists on my deck outside right now drinking rum & cokes. All hands in the air doing a 4 part cheers ritual every 15 mins or so.

Tourists in unison: "Arriba, Abajo, Al centro, Adentro"
(spanish for: up, down, center, in)
then they chug the rum. Looks like I'm going to be cleaning up some mess tomorrow.

Couple walking out front on the beach. Big scarey local approaches them.

Scarey Local: "wanna smoke some Belizean Breeze?

Female Tourist: "No"

Scarey Local: "it will make you feel the riddim of the place and help you get rid of your honkey squareness!"

Scarey Local then steps in front of the male tourist, looks him up and down then turns and looks at the female tourist.

Sacrey Local: "watcha doing with this pasty white boy? A Belizean man hold you tight all night.
Then he walks off leaving the tourist boy steaming.

Oh Boy. I apologize. My people. Sometimes no R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Non-Smoker: "Everyone was smoking pot around me, I'm so buzzed. I'd like to tell Bill Clinton that I inhaled but I didn't smoke."

(Bill, by his own admission, smoked but didn't inhale)