Remember how I've told you that down here in the tropics the women don't wait until the summer to warm up? Well here is a perfect example.

My sis Winds told me she had politicians son as her guest next door and he had brought 2 handsome South African's with him. She invited me to dinner Sunday nite with the gang and we went off to a little street-side cafe called Roses. We sat at a picnic table close to the grill outside taking in the sights, sounds & aroma, it was a beautiful night.

The group proceeded to order crab, shrimp, fish, kebobs, chicken you name it, whatever they could see cooking on the grill. There was obviously the problem of the munchies going on and the night felt electric, like we were about to start a party.

The spanish waitress with the gold front tooth became enamoured with both South Africans and would fawn and fall over herself and them while serving. She was incredibly attentive to them and spent a lot of time around our table trying to engage them in conversation.
It was always,
o.k. sweetie.
What do you want my love?
anything for you babes,
you look hot babes etc...
kind of service!

So when we got to the point of ordering drinks, I ordered my usual One Barrel & coke, but the South Africans asked the waitress what she would recommend.
She did not hesitate to make her feelings known, looked deep in his eyes and said:

Waitress: "I would recommend you have a Panty Ripper to start with, it's made with coconut rum & pineapple and is popular on the island"

He: "to start with? what is to follow in your list of suggestions then?"

Waitress: "Next you should have the Sex on the beach and when you are done with that, you should make sure you get the Screaming orgasm"

He: "Wow, quite a suggestion"

Waitress: "If you don't want the Screaming orgasm later, I'll take it"

With that laugh, the party got kick-started.