TILLY MAN......are you kidding?
Do you even know what a Tilly Man in Belize is?
Woman to man at bar: "You really are an idiot."
Man: "It doesn't matter, I'm hung like a donkey!"

OK, that's a Tilly Man in Belize, hung like a donkey.
BUT FIRST, let me tell you about the rest of the day.

With all the men action going on around here, I've come up with a bright idea.
I've been smart!
Really, really smart for a single woman!
I hung up 3 hammocks just outside my apartment door where I usually sit and work on my computer। This is an experiment. If I set my traps, what can I catch?

If I had one wish in life or more like thoughts that occupy my mind when I'm day-dreaming, it's to be the female version of Hugh Hefner, it just hasn't worked out that way yet। I am still building the castle up on the hill in Roatan which will be the staging area for this dream. I better figure out fast how to make a load of cash if I'm realistically to maintain a stable of young studs.

Happy to say, the trap seems to be working.
O.K. just for the eye candy effect, they are my guests and I don't really pounce on them as the predator that I sometimes feel, it's all in my imagination at this point. It's easy to chitty chat from here where I sit so many hours a day, all casual you know, sutle. I am develish!

My new friends are busy bar-b-que-ing fish for us right now. (run downstairs snap photo, come up & upload)
Lucky Dube playing on the stereo in the yard. Man, I think I picked the best job in the world। Some days I feel lucky.

Oh Yes, about Tilly Man's action:
Models and photographers from Tilly Man's Hats (I cant even say that with a straight face) Catalog in Canda, showed up today unexpectedly guided by one of my old friends Nicky Nicholson of Maruba Spa & Resort. They asked to use my little rustic palapa in front of the hostel to shoot images for their catalog.

Of course I said yes, more eye candy to look at. Check out the hottie model in the yellow hammock.