An old friend of mine who I call CNN dropped by today and told me the latest Police story making it's way around the Coconut Wireless.

The next door Police Station has a full time staff of about 6 who operate in shifts. If you have reason to be at the station, you might find one policeman behind the desk on duty, the other 2 presumably on patrol.

On this day, X Police Man brought in a dealer fella who he caught with a pound of marijuana. The Police promptly threw him in the little cell inside the station before they even booked him. They have 48 hours to make a charge and sometimes take their own slow time presumably to make the criminal suffer.

An hour or so later, Busted Weed Fella's friend stopped by the station to check on the status of him. When he walked in, the station desk was empty except for jailbird peeping out the bars in the corner of the room. The one policeman on desk duty was upstairs, presumably doing police business.

Busted Weed Fella standing in the little stinky cell peeping out the 3 bars of the 1'x1' window tell's his friend now in the station that X Policeman put the weed in the drawer in the only desk behind the counter with no door. His friend, finds the weed quickly and takes off like a bolt of lightening out the station, presumably to help his friend beat the pending charge.

X-Policeman comes back down to the station office a half hour later & can not explain to collegues later what happened to the evidence. With Busted Weed fella still behind bars and not a suspect, they start blameing each other for it's disappearance, presumably since evidence has disappeared before in the station and usually is an inside job.

Busted Weed Fella sits in his cell listening to the commotion and demands that he be set free, no charge without evidence, and so he was. Now this gave me a good laugh today, presumably because the chancy bumbling idiots at the station got what they deserved.

Gov. of California Arnold Schwarzenegger said recently, with the slip of the tongue, that "Marijuana is not a drug" to which Snoop Dog quickly responded "Then I shouldn't have spent any time in the pen for it, who's gonna fix that?"