Late night parties are happening too often at the hostel, well before the holidays began. Every night as a matter of fact. I have posted signs saying no noise after 9:00 p.m. but nobody listens. I've come out at midnight and yelled at the guitarists and singers & fire twirlers to shut up, people are trying to sleep (I'm more thinking of me, I LIVE here and the fire twirlers just happen to be in the mix!) I am afraid I am becoming the kind of grinch I never wanted to be. Let's blame it on old age again. I never imgained the day would have come when I did not like a party.
Don't tell me to join them, moving is a better option, I no longer have the stamina to sustain that lifestyle. One good hang-over makes me feel like I am recovering from major surgery. It takes quite a few days to get me up & about again and everything pains.
I can't seem to curb their enthusiasm. I hate to realize that since I expanded my hostel to sleep 35, I created the perfect athmosphere that breeds this kind of behaviour. Close quarters, friendly people and a perfect garden full of palm trees by the sea to party every night.
Note to Tina: remember to apply for a liquor license.


Cousin Liz said…
It looks like when I come to Caye Caulker, your place will be the perfect place to party :) Naw girl, I'm just kidding, yeah, I know how you feel, the party feeling is not just there anymore but then again, it looks like your guests are sure having a great time...come on down to Tina's y'all!

Nakota672 said…
Tina, I'll be seeing you soon. If my daughter gets loud you have my permission to beat her repeatedly! I'll bring you a pair of sleepphones...they are pajamas for your ears. Really block out the loud noises! Or hell, we can get up at 6am and start singing really bad eighties songs at the top of our lungs. Kids hate that...I know! One verse of me singing "Do ya think I'm Sexy" at the butt crack of dawn usually calmed mine down for at least the next few nights. Lol! See ya soon, Jeannice