Island Logic

Island Girl dropped by for our usual afternoon laugh session. The boats were whizzing by on the sea out front filled to the brim with tourists on their way to play with nurse sharks and stingrays. As we sat reminiscing about old times when we had a boat to go beachcomb the neighboring islands shores & a jeep to go on adventures into the Jungles of Belize, I told Island Girl that I think it's time that I own something mobile again. Anything to avoid island fever!

We were sitting discussing how we were going to find the money to buy these luxuries and Island girl tells me that I should buy a brand new 4x4 all terrain vehicle (something I never considered because of the cost) & tells me there are auto places in Belize willing to finance. I told her that I didn't wan't to owe & she says:

"Girl, don't you know that if you can't own a million then you could owe a million & still live the life?" hahaha....but the worries!