Island Girl dropped by to tell me about her childhood friend she currently bumped into, and who lives between Belize & First World in a city where the Twin Towers once stood. Raven Hair Beauty, an out-spoken, no apologies necessary kind of gial just arrived back home for election free give-aways since she claims to be the lover of a Minster on the edge in his last moments of power. She is after houses, money, land and whatever else they throw in around this election time lottery.

In didn't matter to Raven Hair Beauty that she doesn't have a US Visa as she criss-crosses the border (are you a Mexi-can? or are you a Mexi-cant?) and First World. The freebies was worth the risk she rationalizes. "She's been caught & deported back to Belize twice before" she says nonchalantly.

Raven Hair Beauty: "they tell me the third time they catch me, they promise to give me 10 years. But Island Girl, I can't live here in this country, the people too bad mind. I don't know how you do it. To tell you the truth, I prefer 10 years in an American jail than staying in this dreaded country. A going back up through the back door again right after election."

Island Girl: "Gial, well I love my lazy island life in Belize, you wont get me back into no zone where I have to rush again."

Raven Hair Beauty: "let's go with me to Ministers office right now, I go see what I could get for you too."

Island Girl: "I got nothing to lose"

So off they go, Island Girl says and when they get to the office, they were ushered right in like V.I.P's. The two greet happily and Island Girl is convinced her friend was telling the truth about the affair. Raven Hair Beauty get straight down to business. I come fu this an this an this........... and mi friend here, she want all that too and you go give it to us.

Minister protests and says he can't grant her all her wishes right away and she hadn't contacted him in two years so why she come in like that?

Raven Hair Beauty to Minister: "Well you Mr. Attorney Minister, you going do what I ask you to do cause you have to remember that I been your sweetheart since I was a young little girl. "
"You must remember what you IS! "
"You KNOW what you IS? "
"You IS an attorney, people pay you to go lie in court."

The Minister getting all flustered told her he will "handle" her but she need to call him later , gave her his number which Island Girl quickly recorded then he hurriedly ushered them out. Island Girl left with promises of nothing but it was all a gamble and she had a direct number in case by miracle he gets re-elected next week.

On the way out Raven Hair Beauty told Mr. Minister that she still loves him all these years , and he was grinning from ear to ear says Island Girl.