Island Girl's latest is that her "baby's Daddy" as we've reverted to calling her cheating boyfriend of 7 years (eliminating any other connection she may have emotionally to him) loves women who are for sale. A normal man, she says.
"Baby's Daddy" enjoys visiting the little barrio bars of Ambergris Caye where you can find some of the most beautiful imported young Central American women for sale on the open market. He would disappear to these places every time they go over for an overnight visit.
Island girl tired of the lies and not knowing where to find her boyfriend at certain hours, decided to pay a taxi guy to take her to each and every single bar of this nature so "she can see for herself what's up". She said she walked in & was amazed at the youth and handsomeness of some of the objects for sale. "Long flowing straight black hair on a size 4 waist" she says, "how can I compete?"
So she asks the taxi man to solicit one of the girls to find out what the going rate is. She said she was surprised to find that it was just $20.00 bzd.
Island girl to me with a look of dismay on her face :
"I didn't know the price of pussy devalued!"
So I said to her "Why don't you put yourself back on the market for a new boyfriend or enjoy single life a little bit?
Island Girl: "You really think I should change the devil I already know for one that I don't?
I said she could give it a try, so she proceeds to tell me what happened the last time she tried.

Island Girl
"When I was up in First World a few years ago visiting my family, my sister took me to a Jamaican Reggae Club on the water to listen to a band at sunset. As soon as I walked in, this big ugly dark Jamaican came up and started hitting on me. When he talked, the sun beams would bounce & almost blind me from the glitter off his gold teeth, the big round gold & diamond medallions hanging from the thick chains around his neck, the rings on every finger & diamond studs in his ears, I had to wear my sunshades. He was really ghetto fabulous"
Me: "Well, he sound's at least prosperous, did you get to know him?
Island Girl: "I asked him what he did for a living"
Me: "and....?"
Island Girl: "He said, BABY, me -a- rob convenience stores for a living. If you was my woman, I could bring you money by the sack full"
Me: "are you kidding....what did you say?"
Island Girl: "I couldn't even think of a proper response, so I told him - BABY....if you were my man, I'd haul your ass down to the pawn shop!