The sea is glassy & flat in what we call "dead calm". A dead calm day in the windiest month of the year.The day is brilliantly sunny in what speed-boaters, kayakers, jet-skiers, sun-worshippers, water-skiers & island people would describe as a near perfect day. One could look down and see clearly beneath the sea, a starfish, 50 ft. below on the white sandy bottom.

My friend who I haven't seen in many years, is back in Belize making a fortune on the next door big sister island. We sat this morning chilling on the dock, talking about our different business', sipping coffee & catching up the years in between. It was one of those days, watching golden shimmer of the sun-beam glitter off the top of the flat sea. A light haze hung above as you look over in the distance to the neighboring islands of Caye Chapel & Ambergris Caye.

Me: "A lot of my friends like you are still hitting the business highway and as far as I'm concerned, I stopped at the last speed bump.
My staff of 2 handles my current affairs sparing me the nitty gritty agonies"

Friend: " what are you doing with all your free time?"

Me: "Besides running around Cayo playing with the fixer upper, I'm doing two things you probably wouldn't agree with"

Friend: "What's that"

Me: "I've quit thinking about work all together, and I've started giving away money in the form of big tips"

Friend: "At that rate, you might get stuck on this island forever"

Me (staring out at the sea with a big smile on my face): "Yeah, but how do you like my swimming pool?"