"lie on the couch islandgirl, I want to
write some funny stuff on the blog. Let's play psychiatrist, I'll type, you talk.

Islandgirl: "you go first"

(I lie on the couch,
she to the computer) "Psychiatrist, my brain doesn't work like the normal average person, I feel so out of touch with reality, as if I'm from a different galaxy"

: "What you need is to be re-programmed. Let me re-phrase that diagnosis & prescribe treatment, it would b
e better if you got de-spelled."

Me: "Explain that one to me, did that come from your island dictionary?"

Islandgirl: "You've been put under a cosmic universal spell. You might see it as a curse that you're so abnormal, crazy.....no, no..not crazy.....unique, better yet -artistic, thats it, you are artistic - artsy, fartsy who loves to party. The cure is to change your vibe girl, release all negative inner beasts, easily de-spell if you punta it out to drums beating that African & Garifuna rhythm."
The monthly Full Moon Party took place on tuesday nite at Driftwood restaurant & beach bar at Punta Arena beach on the undeveloped North side of the split. It drew a crowd of locals & tourists who danced till the wee hours to the Band's enchanting sound. They also won the 2008 International Music Award for BEST INTERNATIONAL ALBUM.

Andy Palacio & the Garifuna
Collective Band. www.cumbancha.comThe album that won the awards is called WATINA and you should go out & buy it. It is really good!

Sad to say, the lead singer, Andy Palacio who hails from a little village called Hopkins in Southern Belize was at the pinnacle of his fame winning several International Awards for 2008, when he passed earlier this year at the young age of 47.

Of equal fame is Mr. Paul Nabor, a Garifuna Guitar Player, singer & composer who is vital to the band and has played in South Africa & Europe among other places with Andy. Apart from his talent, he really is charismatic. The rest of the band played excellent with the original songs being sung by another member of the
and since Andy's passing. The mood this music creates is enchanting. The campfire by the beach had a crowd around it, fire lit sticks adorned all over the beach, oh and did I forget to mention - they have a good chef and the food is really good.