AND THE WINNER IS...........Ms. Velveth Molina.

Just got back from the 7th Annual Ms. Chiquitita Pageant at the Central Park next door. I attended in the capacity of
"Reporter" recruited back in the Media world joining forces with big sis Winds who is far away in First World.

We can combine the only Caye Caulker newspaper online (or otherwise) THE CONCH CHRONICLE - A more serious issues kind of news & LIFE IN A BANANA REPUBLIC - the un-official island news.

Winds has excitedly just LAUNCHED BELIZE T.V. a new site online where you can upload videos about Belize for all to see. More info on this can also be found on http://www.cayecaulkerchronicles.com/ .
Under-ground news here on this blog can tell you that these kids were mega talented, especially the singers who totally impressed me singing full-on grown up songs like "I believe children are the future" by ???. No baba baba black sheep stuff here, real complicated high notes on some of those songs. They melted the audience with their costumes, talent, modelling & style and especially confidence & attitude.

Not everybody pops at the same time, its like popcorn, one here, one there. Tonight Velveth Molina just popped, but all these other young ladies will have a chance to pop in the future, they have the MOJO.

For more information & photos on this pageant, check it out at www.cayecaulkerchronicles.com/

Sharon Auxillou, the 1st Queen of a new Nation, BELIZE.

Ever since my eldest sister SHARON KAY AUXILLOU won the title of "MISS BELIZE" in the most pivotal year for the country of Belize - 1981, the year of our Independence, I have been fascinated with pageants. My sister had the best experience any Queen in Belize could have wished for. Her perfect timing to compete & win Queen of Belize has become part of HISTORY. The country that year was buzzing with excitement and constant festivities in anticipation of our Independence, and we had visiting dignitaries from all over the world descend upon our tiny little sovereign nation, including some Royalty my dear! She was fortunately at every function, sashed & primped to the gills and ended up representing the newly independent nation of Belize at the Miss Universe pageant in Peru later that year.

As a follow-up to her success & wanting to be like her, I garnered the necessary courage to face a jam-packed auditorium full of Belize's harshest critics and entered the MISS WORLD BELIZE pageant in 1987. Hard to believe that was over 20 years ago! Second to right of ladies is a Southern Belize village girl - Corona VillaFranco who was just appointed a few weeks ago by the new government, to a SENATOR. I'm impressed.
(I'm in white next to the M.C.)
The motivation for me at the time was to win and get the free trip to Johannesburg, South Africa where the MISS WORLD was to be held that year. It was a dream of mine then to visit the African Continent. Unfortunately, I did not win and placed second or FIRST RUNNER UP. I lost to a prominent politician's daughter which had everything to do with her pre-destined win in my opinion - Old Belize Politicians loved nepotism. Of course I am biased. Talented too.

I don't tell much people this little bit of my history although I am proud of it and ended up living in Africa anyway later on.

When I told Biggie my pageant story, he says: "You know that First Runner Up is FIRST LOSER" and suggested that I should have practiced a Tanya Harding on the winner so I can go on the trip. Haha.
So in nineteen ninety something I was asked to judge a Miss Belize pageant by Ms. Soli Arguelles who managed the pagents in Belize at that time. I accepted and attended in Belize City at the same auditorium where I was once on stage. Nostalgic. I wanted to show them that they screwed up by not picking me a decade earlier so I attended the televised event in a to-die-for white sequined backless gown imported from foreign just for the event. When I was announced as a judge, I stood proudly & waved for all of Belize to see the mistake they had made by not choosing me to
R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T. - HA!
That led to hosting a few Miss Caye Caulker pageants and then someone in Ambergris Caye asked me if I would host the Pageant & Opening night for the huge Annual Costa Maya 3 day International Summer Festival and I agreed. So for about three consecutive years around Y2K, I co-hosted the International Costa Maya pageant with girls representing all our neighboring countries. I would co-host with whatever Mexican Star they had imported that year. This photo is with actor Valentin Lanus who I still see regularly on Spanish T.V.
Other media stuff done:
* Hosting a T.V. show in Belize City in 1988
* Editor of The Conch Chronicle 2002.
* Live Reporter for Channel 7 TV & Radio on Election Day 2003.


Sandy A. said…
I like the pic of you with the Masai. If you haven't read it, I recommend "The White Masai" by Corinne Hofmann. It is a true story written by a Swiss woman who fell in love with, and married, a Masai warrior in the 1980's. It is an extraordinary tale of her struggle to live in a completely different culture!
Tina said…
Hi Sandy,
Always nice to hear from you. I had heard of this woman and the book, however, I have not read it. Sounds interesting and I will pick it up when in the US this summer.