Photos start from Mother's Day last weekend when Ras Creek & crew
built the fire he
art grill near the Split Beach on Caye Caulker and we had the big pot of "ITAL FOOD" cooking for all to share. Seafood Gumbo type of ital. I invited my friend of 20 years Twinz & she came out with the kids. I had not seen them in a while so that was a nice mothers day.

My friend Sof-girl came in the day after Mother's Day & missed the ital cookout. Here in Belize for a week, fresh from Roatan we decided to hightail it inland on a road trip mean't for one or two nites away, but lasted 4 nights and 5 days. The country is beautiful and I could have just kept on playing tourist. We are back on the island with OLIVE ROOTS (my green dinghy with the mighty 3.3 hp) taking us out to the reef today to swim with the rays. But, the week was made a success by SILVER BESS (my brand new second hand vehicle) holding up for us. She only shut down once in Belize city and promptly re-started after we got towed to the garage by a taxi. As soon as the chains were removed from the tow the starter clicked in again. The mechanic didn't even get to look at her. We just paid the taxi man & took off towards the highway. She took us to San Ignacio where we visited Clarissa Falls and Branch Mouth, the place off San Ignacio town where two rivers meet with the wooden rope bridge connecting San Ignacio with the village of Santa Familia.
The little
wooden rope bridge was built by the Minnonites who live in the area at Spanish Lookout.

Next, we took off down South & stopped at the inland Blue Hole park & forward to spend a night and enjoy the Garifuna culture in Hopkins. On the way down, we passed some nice scenery, flora & fauna of the
Hummingbird Highway & Valley.

We massed out on the long nice beach in Hopkins by North Beach bar sipping margaritas & rum punch and thinking of just being absolutely lazy after the long drive.
Silver Bess bogged down in the sand once in Hopkins when we got too near the beach. We promptly got some kind villagers to come and push us out. Photos will tell you what the week looked like.


Beach Bum said…
Okay, I'm in love with Belize. This is a fantastic site and I know this is the place I want to expatriate to when my kids are grown.