Another senseless automobile accident, another good soul lost.
Yesterday, I participated in the Celebration of Paul's life next door on Ambergris Caye. The ceremony was an exceptionally beautiful one by the seaside overlooking the reef. Paul was a sweet , gentle, friendly, kind person with movie star looks. He was an avid diver & sailor and jointly owned about a dozen catamarans with his wife, which they rent on a weekly basis. TMM BAREBOAT VACATIONS boats can be seen all over the waters in our country.

Practically everyone in Belize has a warm story about Paul. This is mine.

Paul & his wife Natalie have been long time friends of my family from the time they first met on Caye Caulker about 30 years ago and fell in love on & with our little island. A few months ago when I was talking to Paul here on the island, another person who was with him asked how long we knew each other, he said - "practically since she was in diapers".

When they met, Natalie was a high school classmate & friend of my older sister & cousins, & she would come then to the island to visit us. It is a warm memory to think that my sisters friendship with Paul's future wife somehow lended itself to faith & Paul's happiness. This lovely couple maintained a house throughout the decades here on Caye Caulker and this place held special memories for Paul as meeting Natalie here changed his life forever and produced two lovely children - Eric & Tianna.

My deepest regret to his family. I will sadly miss your smile Paul.


rodp said…
Hi, it's Rod Paterson here, an old friend of Paul's from our days growing up in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. I am a few days younger than Paul - I remember sharing a few mutual birthday parties with him.....

I found out about Pauls death a couple of weeks after it happened. I was deeply saddened by the news. In spite of the fact that Paul and I have been out of regular contact for many years I still consider him to be one of my friends, the type of friend that you will never lose.

When I heard the news I reflected on many great memories of the fun times we had as young guys growing up. I had the opportunity to meet Nathalie when they came up to vist Pauls family in Tecumseh a number of years ago. She is a lovely person and it was clear to me that they had a terrific partnership. I am sad to know that Nathalie and the kids have to bear the loss of their husband/dad.
I will be attending a memorial service and celebration of Pauls life back in Tecumseh in late August. I very much look forward to seeing his family and all the other childhood friends - I'm sure we will share some laughs, soem tears and a few drinks.

Here's to Paul!

- Rod