All my life I've been told I have a big mouth & Fat lips, way before it was popular. I use to hate it until I realize now how much money I can save on collagen injections. The laugh lines on my cheeks are pronounced, better than a brow frown I suppose. I use to think I was called big mouth because I like to talk so much, but holy tamale, I look like I could swallow the photographer in that shot above.
I was getting all dolls-up last night to host the "Sashing of Miss Lobsterfest" Ceremony next door at the Central Park putting my big mouth to good use for the community.
A pre-show to introduce the ladies to the public & generate some hype. The real show is on June 27th, opening night of the Annual Lobsterfest weekend Festival on CC.
The breeze mi di blow the wild hair!
And by the way, just because I have wild hair & a big mouth DOES NOT mean that I am a wild child or good in bed ..ha..ha.


Lizette said…
We sure have something in common T. We have to consider ourselves fortunate because we don't need collagen, something that thanks to my Dad Spin, which I inherited from him, we are two of the few who came out with the 'thick lips'....lucky we gial....the girls all looked gorgeous for the sashing ceremony...ttyl Couzin Liz