Well, I lost my marbles today. All because of Arthur. I went totally ballistic driven so by a pesky guest who followed me around whingeing & whineing about the obvious flooded floor we were all trying to mop up. I ended up kicking her out, and then I did the unthinkable, I kicked everybody else out too, that is the ones that despite the mess, didn't mind staying again. I emptied the place out. CLOSED FOR REPAIRS. An instant decision on a long time thought. I have been wondering when was the best time to do this before high season starts. Well, the storm made the decision easy for me. I'm not a pre-planner, time itself will tell me when its right to act.
Tropical Storm Arthur is still pissing over us with non-stop torrential rains. The seas are angry like an old man trying to send back soup in the deli & the strong winds leave me feeling bruised & battered, unlike the usual tropical breezes that caress my body.
Tropical Storm Arthur, the second storm of the new hurricane season, caused torrential rains for three consecutive days with another two days of rain predicted, wreaking havoc on the tourism industry of Caye caulker and continuous waves causing more erosion to the beaches.

Me, a strong believer in GO BIG OR GO HOME, hates these little pissy storms that cause a few thousand dollars in damages, but just low enough to fall under the first 5% not covered by your insurance. I'd love to rebuild a new hostel, but I hate having to repair the same stuff over & over.

Since yesterday, Sunday, tourists have been trying to flee the island due to none stop hard rain, only to find that flights were cancelled and that there were no water taxi’s running. The last water taxi to run on Sunday was at 1:30 p.m. and as of Monday midday, no water taxis were running leaving tourists stranded. It is unclear as to whether the water taxis are not running due to 30 mile per hour winds and choppy seas which is most likely the reason.

Quite a number of people have reported flooding in their homes or hotel and Tina’s Hostel’s ground floor was flooded as a result of an exit hole for kitchen pipes which allowed the water which had risen outside the building to seep in. My mother’s ground floor apartment was also flooded as well as many other establishments. Lots of other minor damages caused by this Tropical Storm have been reported from boats sinking to water damaged well pumps due to over-flooding from ground wells as well as roofs flying off in the 30 mile per hour winds. Nothing the island can't bounce back from in a day or two.

What bugs me most: some people can't even see that you're in the middle of a minor natural disaster and all they are worried about is their ....(should I swear Caribbean styley?....o.k. better not, I'll use my much softer western style swear words ) GOSH DARN Wet Shoes!

I'm the kind of gial who will tell you to:

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