TALK RASS - Caye Caulker

BEACHBOY: "Do you know what the primary language spoken on Caye Caulker is?

ME: " English"

(means in creole dialect: all the talk is a lie, complete BS, made up stuff using an imagination gone on the wild side) .
Not Spanish! Not English! No Garifuna or Ketchi & Creole!
Talk Rass, this is most widely spoken here!
You hear it everyday!
People sit around all day and TALK RASS!, its become a language in itself."

I know exactly what Beachboy was talking about, people Talk Rass more here on this island than anything else, including me. I do it everyday. Yesterday, islandgirl, childbride & myself sat around for hours di "TALK RASS"
Islandgirl who has a booty that puts J-LO's to shame pokes fun at herself in TALK RASS LANGUAGE
ISLANDGIRL: "You know that little junction downtown by Belize bank where you always have those traffic officers? Well I was walking and stopped at that busy intersection last week by market square & I was wearing a tight skirt. This traffic officer comes up to me and asks to see my license."

ME: "But didn't you say you were walking?"

ISLANDGIRL: "Exactly! So I asked him if he's blind, can't he see I'm walking and he shamelessly looks directly at my butt and says....."

TRAFFIC OFFICER #1: "This thing definitely needs a license"

ISLANDGIRL: "I asked to speak with the inspector and he comes over"

ME: "What did he say?"

ISLANDGIRL: "After hearing the story from the first officer, he looks at my butt and says that it definitely needs a license & he is going to issue me a ticket, so I demanded to know what the charges are"

INSPECTOR #2: " We can certainly charge you young lady with the following:
- illegal parking
- obstruction of street corner
- wide load
- over load
- hauling a trailer with no permit.

ME: "Gial, you could talk rass!"