Back home on Caye Caulker with my buddies the Caye Cookoos

Welcome to Caye Caulker Mon! Sunshine & Fun in the summer, pretty much guaranteed. But even too much of that in Paradise (perceived) could be exhausting. Nevertheless, I have been looking forward to returning home with delicious anguish. I particularly missed the islands characters. My son Ty is spending the last 10 days of his vacation on the island having a blast before his return to Kenya.
I hesitate to tell you all how much fun this place is, I'd like to keep it exclusive, to not even let the tide in, but the word is already out. I prefer if people continue to believe Caye Caulker to be an inconsequential island with excellent fishing, diving & fun island vibes for the Go-Slow World Travellers. We certainly don't want to see it turn into shimmering towers of glass & concrete, developers new "wood-du-jour" with towers rising & snaking along the coastline inside the Barrier Reef.

The island attracts a young & ec0-friendly, earthy type traveler. Not a common sight here is tits hanging like bowling balls in a sheet. On the contrary, the ones you will see salute the sun.
Getting here is by Water Taxi, the kind of ride where you don't have to book a window seat to get a good view.
The fish is so fresh & delicious, it's love at first bite.
Yesterday & today, thanks to Biggie's affection for the kids and offering his boat, Ty got to learn to drive it. We hung out for a bit at the legendary weathered beaten bar at the Split which he leases, The Lazy Lizard, "a sunny place for shady people", the setting for so many beautiful sunset gatherings with friends over several decades. Everything on the island is so bright & colorful, and being out doors sure beats sitting around the house watching "I- don't- know -what" on t.v.
I don't know how much longer we can enjoy the simplicity of the Split since it is rumored to be selling. Hopefully the new owners won't fence the locals out. That spot has been my island playground and swimming spot since I was a toddler.
I would prefer if the only additions to the Split Bar be palm trees for shade, more low tables & lounge chairs with cushions on which one can loll & become genuinely laid back . a proper seawall too & dock where day boats from the surrounding cayes can bring us beautiful people who will approach, preferably with cocktail in hand.
Here are some pics of the last few days.