MANDINGO - (any male gigalo, hung like a donkey)
MANDINGSTRESS - (female PLAYER of the game)

Mandingo's & Mandingstress are a special breed of people and are as common as coconuts, sand flies , rum & pirates on any tropical island in the Caribbean. The island athmosphere of starry nights, cool winds, warm salty air, lots of young restless people etc. lends itself to continuous romantic moments and if one man is not there to satisfy you,
there is always another willing to fill the gap if you are a willing participant in the GAME.
On this day, this Mandingstress stopped me & was entertaining me with her latest life opera.
Apparently, last night she snuck out on her sleeping Mandingo and had put on a pretty white strapless dress, in the middle of the night, to go see a new lover.

She tried to dress and feel like a virgin she said, in the hopes that she can trick her mind into behaving like one.
Her mind had taken a nose-dive into the gutter on this particular night & she was feeling powerless.

"I justified why my legs kept moving in the direction of his house:
One life to live.
Why shouldn't I have some fun too?
Just harmless flirting.
I am NOT the Ying to my Mandingo's Yang.
"I tricked my mind into believing I wasn't going to have sex,
but in the end, my mind tricked me! "

"All night I kept telling myself :
no fornication girl, no fornication, you're gonna sin your soul ;
entice with your fragrance, but provide no suckle"

Me: "But if you put on a white dress and sweet up to go see a man in the middle of the night, we creole would say that is

Mandingstress said she was lieing on his bed near the open window of the little house on stilts which sits on the West side of the island just at the edge of the sea inside the mangrove patch. She was looking at the stars and moonlight rays glitter on the top of the sea, Love FM was playing all those great old love songs, the breeze was blowing the sheer curtain gently caressing it against her skin and he was there beside her, looking at her lovingly & playing with her fingertips.

Mandingstress: "I felt so gooooood, I was thinking to myself :
If this is a message from JAH ALMIGHTY, I should listen to it!"
"By the time I got home it was daylight, Mandingo was getting up, asked if I got up to watch the sunrise, what a great excuse, I didn't think of it myself.
Oh girl! They love to believe lies, he just sucked it up.

I could have been as delicate as a frozen turd and tell him:
I am a bad bitch, just like you are;
I'm better at this game than you could even imagine!
I should come with a warning label.
-proceed with caution
-object may not be what it appears to be
-this relationship can be dangerous to you
-this relationship can be explosive
-no happiness guarantee

Me: " just start a new love life & forget the old,
isn't that the message you got from Jah?"

Mandingstress: "I'm not ready to cut off the thumb just because I dipped the index finger in poo!"