SLOW SEASON in Caye Caulker

I really apologize for all the trashy stories of late but you should understand that it is slow season or "maga season" here and the most prominent things going on is poverty, theiving, sports, drinking and sex. Daily cash flow is grinding to a halt, or at least in Go-Slow mode. Tour Operators are hauling up their weathered beaten skiffs on pearlized sand and barely have enough money to patch the holes before the next season starts.

These days, I revel in the fact that I grow weary of my idleness and barely have the recourse to contemplate - not just survival, but fullfillment. I also ponder my fate, one that I have become accustomed to - emotionally castrated. I have a lot of potential, but potential is like a bag of fertilizer - if not used, its just a load of crap.

Hardly anybody here will wake up these months of September & October at stupid-o-clock .
Nights are for staying out late & days re-opening that credit line for Belikin at the Lazy Lizard bar at the Split, to be paid when the season starts again in late November providing no hurricanes drops by.

Some island people are not so friendly to each other in these months, they can make each other feel as welcomed as a porcupine at a balloon party, especially on the main dock at arrival time. Everybody fighting for the 2 tourists walking off the dock. The poor tourists in fright at the cantankerous welcoming committee.

On a rare night out this past Saturday, after I got finished late taking pictures of the Miss Caye Caulker pageant for the Chronicle, I headed to Oceanside Bar & had a couple Cuba Libres (Cuba is not free yet?? Christ! How many more of these will I have to drink before the Castro's reign expire?) I maneuvered among the patrons in the dim ligh bar & made my way to get some fresh air outside. In my half-a-brain alcohol induced stagger, I summarized that I appeared to the guy outside as if I was a model sashaying down a catwalk. He was hoping for an opportunity from what he mistakenly assumed would be an easy prey & said :
"Now that is a wine I would like to get drunk on" referring to my walk.
I had to laugh for the originality.

Its going to be a