To give you an idea of how some Belizeans view the worth of certain ethnic groups found in Belize, read the chorus of this popular '08 Belizean song...........

or listen to a little of it by pasting this address in your browser or click here:

"Ole, Ole, Ah.Ah.Aaah!
Ole, Ole, Ah.Ah.Aaah!
White man pay the bills,
Spanish man build the house;
Chinese man cook the food ;
Black man lay the pipe"

To type cast a little further and add to the above list:

Mennonite man build the furniture;
Creole man labor force;
East Indian man have the shoes & dress shop;
and chinese man have the grocery one;
mennonites plant & sell the vegetables;
white man own all the best land;

and creole man fisherman
Ole', Ole', Ah, Ah, Aaah!
Ole', Ole', Ah, Ah, Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Well, a Chinese man just got elected yesterday, for the first time ever, to the Belize City Council and won his seat with the second highest amount of votes.

Also, for the first time ever, in General Elections Feb of this year, a mennonite was elected to our Central Government and is now a Minister. The rice & beans mix-up continues in Belize. We already have some Creole, Spanish and Indian in Govt., but never befo' the two above races who are becoming quite prominent in Belize.....Oh, I almost forgot the white man, the Englishman who was also elected Village Council Chairman of Crooked Tree.


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