Economic crisis grips the world.
World in recession headlines scream.
I don't know why I turned on the t.v.
I have no money saved, and there are hardly any tourists coming. I am now gripped with fear, but still have plenty of coconuts and fish on the upside.

Oh more good news.
Caye Caulker will be able to finally provide for the tourists who WILL NOT be coming because of the recession, CLEAN WATER!!! We are getting a desalination plant as promised, although it is not here yet.

Water company is actually digging up the streets and laying pipes for our much anticipated central water system as opposed to salted sulfer smelling water from wells dug in the ground.
To prove that this does not seem like bullshit this time around, after having been promised this for the past 15 years, every 5 years or so just before election time, I have taken photo. Of course the real proof is still eons away, when that first drop comes out the faucet, only then I shall rejoice.

I just saw on the news the Englishman George Guest, Chairman of Crooked Tree at an inauguration of the new water system for Crooked Tree. I have to say I am really pleased with all the work this new government is doing to inprove infrastructure and basic human needs like water, to every village.

We don't take basic necessities like water and light for granted down here in this Banana Republic.

Their goal, says a spokesman for GOB "is to provide the basic necessity of clean water to EVERY village in Belize by 2015". Sooner would be nice, but at least a goal has been set!