(He refers to he, she or it)


If FRIEND or RELATIVE borrows money from you and tell you he will give it back next pay day and he doesn't, he is a pirate;

If BUDDY BOY borrows your fishing poles and tells you he will bring it back with some fish and you are still waiting a week later, mostly now for your poles, he is a pirate;

If WHO-SO-EVER borrows the engine off your boat in the middle of the charcoal night without your permission and it hasn't been returned, he is a pirate;

If PRETEND FISHERMAN raids your lobster & fish traps early in the morning, he is a pirate;

If JOE GRIND takes his best friend's woman, he is a pirate;

If TOUR GUIDE secretly ties a hand line with bait behind his boat (oblivious to the park rangers) full of guests as he leaves the marine life loaded Hol Chan Reserve then drags the big grouper all the way to Caye Caulker, he is a pirate;

If ECO-NOT-SO-FRIENDLY-FISHERMEN set nets and catches the last remaining tourist attraction nurse sharks that once were visible at the Caye Caulker reserve and kills them & subsequently sells the meat for panades, he is a pirate;

If JOE-THE-PLUMBER runs up the bar tab knowing full well he will pay in the month of neveruary, he is a pirate;

If FIRST WORLD GUEST skips out on the 6:30 am boat the next morning before I can even flex the third time in my sleep in order to avoid paying the bill, he is a pirate;

If PRIME MINISTER tells us that he only got $10 Million from Venezuela and stashed the other $10M elsewhere, he is a pirate;

If you are a HUSTLER & you travel around the country to the tourist places just to prey on tourists & tourist establishments with no real job to survive, then you are a pirate;
If you are a POLICE OFFICER and you supplement your income by taking bribes from criminals, then you are a pirate;

If EX-PATRIATE comes to the Caribbean to buy up cheap land only for profit then leaves without contributing to the community other than the mini pirate he left behind, then he is a pirate