With barely enough time to kiss the air with the fresh salty tang of the Caribbean Sea and an opportunity to watch the sunset melt into the horizon like butter on fresh hot johnny cakes, I was surprised by two foreign friends and a catalog photo shoot.

While I was still digesting the excitement of Romy of Infinity Bay & Spa in Roatan surprising me, Coco Loco jewellery maker of Germany, a dear girl friend & past roomate made me think I'd seen a ghost when she popped around the coconut tree yesterday. I had just settled into a hammock in the garden to listen to the palm fronds sing as the light breeze carried up into the air:
Coco Loco: "Girl you still like those kattofel boys"
Me: "what the hell is kattofel?"
Coco Loco: "Cherman (German) for White Potato"
Then a US catalog company pulls up in a golf cart entourage and asks permission to shoot at the hostel and proceeded to spend a few hours snapping succulent young shirtless boys around the yard & dock. I licked my chops at the easy prey and overlooked the publicity potential for the hostel, I had some fish in the barrel to catch.