Since I sold Tina's Backpackers Hostel earlier this year on a 10 year lease, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to start doing something else which I had much desired.

I did not want to be defined by Tinas Hostel as I knew my capabilities & imagination reach for much further! Given this new opportunity to express my creativity and business sense on a much broader scale, I am out to impress.........myself mostly.

We are thrilled with our new project & my love AquaBoy & I have dug deep like ticks in a dogs ear, getting down & dirty on a daily basis to make our dream come true.

We are extremely UN-USUAL in the sense, that we are probably the first two Caye Caulker LOCALS who BOUGHT BACK land from a FOREIGNER!!
So you can imagine we paid premium price!
Normally, once a foreigner buys land in Belize, by the time he puts it back up on the real estate market, the price has more than quadrupled since a lot of foreign investors in Belize are here speculating.

We have tremendous plans for our new home & estate, including a new beach dive resort which we have already began working on.

The prize 3.3 acres of beachfront property is located a little pass the airstrip on the way to the South End. Check out these BEFORE pic, as it is bound to change in the next year or two to accomodate the pool, dive shop; restaurant, bar & cabanas!